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Mrs. D

A Gutte voch! I have had some Ikea experience and would highly recommend the following few tips: 1. Don’t go by yourself! Take at least one more person, preferably someone who has been through the place before and understands the Ikea purchasing system. It will be a great benefit that you have been there once before, so you CAN get through the whole place much faster the second time around. You’ll know exactly where to go…. as long as you did previously record the name and model of the products that you are looking for. So, essentially you could go straight to the warehouse section and find the boxed products that you want. Number two, be sure that you are prepared to follow their interesting Swedish pictorial assembly instructions, because you need to assemble these products yourself. Sometimes they get rather complicated and it’s easier to arrange an order where you pay for someone else to assemble the products. In israel, this happens at your home, and so you can even decide to do that after you bring the item home and see for yourself just how easy or complicated that particular assembly might be. 3. DO NOT get the broom and dustpan set!!! They are cute but they are duds and they break very soon. That is my other experience.
lots of luck and enjoy your Ikea experience meatballs or not.