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@israeli34 and maamer123.
I actually sent 3 boxes from israel using bb publishing. At first there was a very nice elderly lady who answered the phone and said to call her husband, they were very nice and the husband who looked frum with a white beard about 65 actually picked up the boxes from my apartment for a little extra charge and said that I would get a call at most a month later. After about 2 months of not hearing anything I called the original number I was given and the lady picked up but pretended not to speak English. I then called the husband and he said that there was a problem with the shipment and that it is all in williamsburg but being that there are over 5 thousand boxes it will take another few couple of weeks and he would get back to me. I offered to help but he said no need and he will take care of it. As of this writing it’s been 4 months and they no longer answer anyone’s calls. I have sent them whatsapps messages offering them more money and I see them read it but they don’t answer. I really regret to think this way but it seems that this is a scam to steal sefarim. Of there is anyone on this chat that can help me in anyway get my sefarim back and my notes for a year please let me know. Thank You