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MW13 and (NE)
It is clear that the founding fathers wanted the second amendment to counter an authoritative govt. As I have pointed out they started a war to achieve political aims. I also pointed out that this argument (countering an authoritative govt) is a legal argument and not a jewish value. Starting a war with Britian was morally wrong, despite what the fathers claimed, they were a benign govt. to us.
Just as obviously the fathers couldn’t predict tanks etc. (I wonder what their position on civilian owned cannons was? probably they were ok with it)
That said, to paraphrase Dilbert, I’m fine with every civilian owning a gun, bazooka etc. as long as I have all the ammunition. Because frankly I don’t trust the rest of you guys
I am perfectly fine with gun control. If we must own guns I think they should be regulated with mandated training etc. (as I have said before to prevent negligence). I don’t agree with the underlying hashkafa of the fathers intent with the second amendment and neither do I agree with the first. Both are Hashkafically wrong.
Now we get to implementation (which NE forbade me to discuss)
The implementation is, and will be a continue to be , a disaster
I pointed to 5% compliance with the “assault weapon ban” in NYS after sandy hook, the result being the creation of tens of thousands of instant felons in NYS. Multiply that across the US and we are talking about a crises. Is it worth it to take existing law abiding citizens and throw them into jail to try and cheat death? As I have said I don’t believe that hashkafically you can make that argument. ( I happen to be liberal about the criminal justice system, I believe it to be largely immoral)
In addition the entire “assault rifle ban” is foolishness and only fools the uninformed. It only bans cosmetic features of semi automatic weapons. Leaving the ability to simply reshape the stock and make that same weapon legal. So again, are these laws worth it? sending our citizens to jail for political points with the uninformed public? I think not.