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Concerned mom- re husband’s reaction. I am not sure he really sees what is going on- he’s not the one who is home and dealing with the issues. I don’t think he really hears what I am saying when I describe his behaviors, he tends to tune me out if he thinks I am kvetching about something. So when he does see him act out, he thinks he is doing it on purpose and that it is because I don’t know how to handle him, and that I should go for parenting classes. Now I admit I do not know how to handle him when he goes into one of his rages, I don’t think a run-of-the-mill parenting class is going to help. I now have a name of someone who is familiar with PANDAS, does CBT and can help me deal with it – something on the back-burner right now as I see how things progress.
Anyway, he is also very anti-meds, and his suspicion about long-term use of antibiotics stems from a close relative of his who was treated that way for rheumatic fever and suffered bad side effects- so since PANDAS is associated with long-term antibiotics, he doesn’t want to hear it.