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–Is there anyone who personally feels/felt the same way?–

i’m about 40 years older than you so i can’t see i feel it now, but i believe there’s a tremendous problem in the yeshiva world today and that is an overemphasis on torah study. yeah, i said it. i have been involved in shiduchim and i do meet all kinds of girls who just insist on a kollel guy, that’s how they are trained, and when people say there are more girls than guys, what they are reflecting is that there are more girls who want kollel guys than guys who want to be that. of course, it’s easier to want it than to be it, plus the girls, who mostly want to live comfortably think the money will fall from the sky

i do feel as a baal habayis that i’m looked down on by the learning community
but i have learned to see that as their ignorance

as for frustrations with learning, i have had that but found the solution was to try new approaches as i have mentioned