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The following comments indicate how many are so out of touch with what is the average (or many) Yeshva boy’s mindset.

” If when you have free time you spend it watching the Superbowl maybe something is wrong with your learning.”
“hashem put you on this world not so you can watch tv, rather to learn toyrah”
“if you shtieg then the number one thing to do would be to not watch the game no matter what”

Yes – the ultimate goal of every Yehiva Bochur should be to ‘reach’ to a level of learning that he should not be interested in any SuperBowl or sport (of course without commercials. commercials are Asur), but unfortunately that is not the case. Many Yeshiva boys are not that ‘Areingetun’ or not reached that level YET.

Hence, their minds need to be occupied with something entertaining and clean. Sports will give them that outlet and occupy their minds when not learning. We hope that everyone will eventually reach the above level and will abandon all sports on his own ! But for the time being that is much better than surfing the web or watching movies etc…