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“Sad story, but your conclusion is quite radical. There have always been charlatans and semi-charlatans. To decide because of one incident that you are speaking a different language to the rest of the world is ludicrous.”

You’re right if it was one incident. That was just the first. Btew I never said he only cared about that, just that his granddaughter said it mattered to him.

I could give you other examples if you want but I don’t think anyone wants that.

In fact the post I was responding to was expressing the same notion: no one else today, aside from us, considers their Rebbe to be a tzadik of Tanya. My point in the story was that the girl herself admitted it used to be that way by them to, just there’s been yeridas Hadoros.

In fact its been reiterated by the reactiond on this thread over and over. The fact that toi went crazy when I said that in no closer to becoming the Rebbe than becoming a malach proves he hasn’t seen a tzadik at this level before or he wouldn’t make a fuss.

The fact that when I described some of the things the Rebbe was able to do in a regular basis, someone responded that magic doesn’t prove anything shows me that unfortunately for this fellow, being able to accomplish things above nature he only associates with the power of klipa not kedusha.

Etc etc etc

Now just to make it clear, I would never come on this forum and start a thread on who is the Nasi hador etc etc. That woukd be heipech everything Chassidus stands for. But sometimes, I feel the concept has to be brought in because it is the answer to people who are puzzled why we treat our Rebbe differently than everyone else.

They’re thinking we took a regular special person and elevated him to the level of a malach in our own heads. When in reality, anyone who came in contact with the Rebbe can tell you that they experienced revealed Elokus, just like you would with a malach.