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Yes, some schools push meds too often. But many do not. And some kids thrive on them, where they were failing and thinking they were a failure without them. Imagine being a first grader who cannot function like your peers. You feel completely lost! But with a bit of extra attention in the classroom and a bit of medicinal help, you suddenly find that you aren’t a failure, you do belong.

My kids yeshiva didn’t push meds. But we tried everything, tefillos, tsedaka, small classes, therapies and he was still lost. Sometimes we are to fast to perscribe, but on the flip side, sometimes we are too hesitant to give our kids the help they need. We would never ask a kid to make do without a wheelchair or heart medicine. If you have explored all options, yeshivas, special Ed, etc. If you have met with all the rabbeim and Morah, the hanhalla and experts in chinuch, don’t feel guilty for giving them what they need.