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From what I heard a couple of decades ago in New York, some yeshivos were actually helping the students cheat, helping with answers and so forth. The reason given is that because it was being given by a non-Jewish government it was OK to cheat.

Of course this is not permitted by halacha, and can create a really horrible hillul HaShem, But there are people who will be extremely m’dakdek in issues of bein adam l’makom and dealing with other Jews, who think that anything goes outside.

So this question isn’t as bizarre as it first sounds. There were some misguided people who thought it was permitted or even a mitzvah 🙁

If someone is trying to tell you that it’s permitted, tell them it’s not Tzarist Russia any more, and if they continue to bug you, ask your rav. He’ll tell you it’s forbidden and you can pass it on to your confused friend.