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Reb Eliezer

SRQT2 – Look at the Tiferes Yisroel at the end of Maseches Kidushin about the story of the painter. I don’t know what Reb Moshe means. The only thing I can tell you כל הגדול מחבירו יצרו גדול ממנו. It says by Yosef ויהי כדברה אליו יום יום ולא שמע אליה the more Aishes Potifar talked to convince him, the more he did not listen to her. The Chasan Sofer explains that the yetzer hora operates similarly. Since he has nothing good to sell so he has to talk a lot to convince someone to follow him, whereas the yetzer tov has good merchandise so he does not talk a lot.