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The little I know


I get your point. However, I suggest you examine a bit of history. The vocabulary changes over time, with words added to describe new things, but mostly meanings of words change. Part of this is fueled by the voice of the street.

When I was a kid, we spoke about Negroes. The word was not slang, and it was not used in a derogatory manner. Then things changed to where that word was given negative meaning, and one needed to call them Blacks. That evolved into African-Americans. We now have People of Color. I do not quite care what the accepted term is for today, because it will change in a short time. And words spoken with zero intent on degrading anyone will be interpreted as offensive and criminal. Now, that’s pretty crazy.

I recall use of the word reta—. The political correctness movement brought vocabulary changes, and this word is now given a negative connotation. Why? I don’t know. For clinicians, it’s not specific enough. But it’s jargon. Who cares?