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“1. Yiddish is a relic of a galut for which there should be zero nostalgia.”

Sadly we are still in galut, as you may know. I assume you will be saying NAchem on Sunday.

“2. All this nonsense about Yiddish being holy is racist – and I am half-Sephardic.”

Thank you for your candor. I knew there was some pathological drive, driving this hangup of yours.

“Maybe to drive the point home that Yiddish is basically a bad form of German, and no one would call German holy.”
Except it weakens that point, since it doesn’t contribute much and just sounds petty and exposes some underlying pathological hangup that is blinding the possibility of objective discussion. I hear making the point once, twice three times, but at a certain point it is no longer being driven by a desire to “drive home the point” as Avi, to his credit, admitted.