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yes it explains your push back

It’s not about Halacha, it’s about your understanding/presentation of it.
actually is it about halacha though
i have presented clear sources. the latest and clearest imho being the gemorah in makkos i posted today
i have yet to hear a logical reasoned response as to how you and many others understand that gemorah.

positing that i am off base/dont understand/misrepresenting.,.. are not responses. they are smoke screens.
there is a clear gemorah with no cholkim that i can find stating that it is a required part of chinuch for a father to hit a child even when he does nothing wrong(i dont know the parameters of when )
and posters here stating that hitting when a child does something wrong such as chilul shabbos is not chinuch
either the gemorah is wrong or the posters are wrong, or someone explain the gemorah to me