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🍫Syag Lchochma

Baltimore – I think haimy’s OP was a bunch of lies meant to annoy and irritate people into coming on here and arguing (this is only one of many such threads of his). So yes, his statements about chareidim are just as ignorant and false as his statement about MO marrying with divorce in mind. BUT – your comment about only the mother seeing the picture is pure fantasy. I have tens of pictures of single girls on my phone sent to me by single guys close to my family asking what I think. And I am one of a handful of others getting them. They also go to sisters, cousins who coach them on shidduchim, friends who give “objective” opinions.

I was actually sickened yesterday when one of the guys sent me a picture of a girl who was more average build sitting at a café with an iced coffee. She was a beautiful girl, possibly a bit overweight in the middle but still beautiful. What is his comment? I don’t know what someone like that is doing with an iced coffee with whipped cream, she sure doesn’t need the calories. This from a guy who would NEVER talk like that about another person. A soft spoken tzanua personality. but this shidduch picture thing is a scam. it’s just disgusting.