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There have been many factors in antisemitism. Conspicuous consumption fans jealousy. When rulers and aristocrats became indebted to Jews they borrowed from, libels freed them from their obligations. When priests couldn’t explain to their followers why Jews were successful, trumped up accusations followed with pogroms, when goyim murdered people, they could blame the Jews to hide their guilt, when armies ran low on money and provisions, dispossess the Jews to fund wars and enrich soldiers. The list of excuses is really enormous. Underlying much of it is our successful orientation to life (from the Torah), our success in almost any and all socioeconomic environments, our communal orientation, value of knowledge, adherence to ancient traditions, and our innovative perspectives. Yet, the Japanese and Chinese, are also very successful, and don’t face our obstacles. Is it because they were never chosen to receive the Torah, and have a special relationship to the Creator? Or perhaps they were never in such close proximity to enormous competing religious offshoots, as we have?