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MK Canada Kosher

On behalf of the MK, thank you to YWN for posting our article on this pertinent issue, and ensuring public awareness.
For an update: These wines have been spotted across North America, including NYC, Albany, LA, Chicago and more.
Most Israeli wines are imported through Royal Wines, who do not import any 2015 vintage. This covers Barkan, Carmel, Yatir and many other labels.
The primary issue is with Golan Heights and Galil Mountain, which are under Otzar Beis Din of Rav Auerbach of Tiverua, and Recanati and Adir wines, which are Better Mechira.

These include the following wines.
– Golan Heights ~ Yarden Syrah 2015
– Golan Heights ~ Yarden Cabernet Sauvignon 2015
– Adir Winery ~ Kerem Ben Zimra 2015
– Galil Mountain ~ Alon 2015
– Galil Mountain ~ Yiron 2015
– Gilgal ~ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

It is important to emphasize that ANY wine from Israel produced in 2015 is necessarily of Shemittah concern, whether the bottle is clearly marked Shemittah or not. Consumers are strongly urged to understand the halacha issues involved before purchasing these bottles, by contacting a competent Halachic authority or checking out the MK article.

All questions concerning the Otzar Beis Din of Rav Auerbach, including on what basis they allow sales to non-Jews, stores, export, biur etc… should be directed to that hechsher.