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While I don’t agree with everything health wrote I think his argument is this.
The starting point is that like it or not

the bill of rights gives the right to bear arms

People abuse that right by using guns to harm others

If we outlaw many types of guns, will that solve the problem?

Well drugs are a problem, and outlawing them didn’t really stop the scourge.

True, but many who would otherwise have fallen into drug use, didn’t, because they are illegal.

That’s also true but that part is not comparable. Because for people who follow the law, there are many laws outlawing murder and violence, so for them you don’t need to outlaw the actual gun. The question is will outlawing guns prevent those who don’t care about the rule of law from getting them.

To that the answer is, it doesn’t seem to prevent them from getting drugs. (why pick a specific illegal drug is beyond me. It should make no difference)

So you ask, so then just get rid of all laws ?

No. You are forgetting. The starting point is that the bill of rights gives you the right, whether you like that or not.
You want to negate that, you need to show probable benefit