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whatsak compared cars to guns “Right, there are limits, but just like we have the basic right to own knife, even though ppl can do terror with it, or a car, but we still have the right to own it, ” I called it an “absurd comparison to cars”

though I’m still not sure what you are saying “But guns are nothing like cars, because someone else’s right to own a gun does not in any way impact your right not to own one.” How is that different than a car? some people choose to exercise their “right” to own one, and that in no way impacts someone’s right not to own one.

I did compare gun regulation to driving regulains. I am an expert driver, I can perfectly time my way through a busy intersection. howver I give up this “right” for the greater good.

Again, as Ive pointed out if you think the “right” to own guns is worth the price of more dead people. thats fine. but be up front and say so “Yes we have more gun deaths than any other western country but thats the price we pay for the right to bear arms” I disagree with that weighing of values, but reasonable people can disagree.

what bugs me are the silly dishonest arguments, that we have to hear over and over

Ben L
“But if it is more illegal to buy guns then they will refrain from breaking the law ”
no of course not, but it would make it harder.

should I be allowed to sell unregulated bombs in my shop bombs-r-us? After all murder is already illegal Yet that does not seem to deter people with bombs from bombing others.
But if it is more illegal to buy bombs then they will refrain from breaking the law since they were law abiding citizens in the first place.

“and that has really worked in Chicago, Baltimore”

no its not perfect, and even the strictest regulation will not prevent all gun deaths. but at the end of the day wehther you look at states or (western) countries those whit h stricter gun laws have fewer gun deaths