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“Yes, but don’t fall back on stupid answers.
The Constitution once protected slavery, it once banned alcohol. It did all sorts of silly things.

Changing silly policies is not “A government that does not follow its own laws ”
They are called amendment s it is a “change” we can change it again.”

That’s correct. That’s why I keep saying change the amendment and then I would not argue.
You keep sidestepping that.
There is a procedure in place.
Correct me if I’m wrong, while slavery was an everyday way of life in the late 1700’s I don’t believe the right to own slaves is enshrined in the constitution.
So passing a law outlawing it is no issue.
As to your contention that the amendment reefers to a militia and not individuals, that is a debate among constitutional “scholars ” so it’s certainly not going to be a winning argument.