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” I have see a pic of two Chabad “rabbis” in some sort of disco dancing near (not with) two obviously see women.”

Conclusion, all Chabad rabbis would go disco dancing? Chas Veshalom! Using the same logic, if you saw a black hatter yeshivish man who turned out to be a molester, would you say that all black-hatter yeshivish men are molesters? The same way we don’t just the entire Jewish community by the outliers in the community, you shouldn’t judge all chabad rabbis as not being makpid on tznius.

“You can’t know who is male or female today, if people’s parents are their real parents ( goyim/non-frum people are posting videos of surprising results of their dna tests…the results are mamesh like the revelation of who is a bechor during makos bechoros in mitzrayim) and of course the halachik ramifications of who is the real mother of people who got pregnant through artificial means.”

You seem to believe, based on this and other posts, that this is common. Where is your data coming from?

“Philosopher pointed out that many of those who claim to be Jews but not religious are actually halachicly gentiles and not Jews.”

Philosopher is saying that all forms of kiruv rechokim must stop based on the assumption that the above is common.