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Reb Eliezer

יין מבושל cooked wine R’ Moshe ztz’l 175 F, we pasken SA O’CH (202,1) that we make a borei pri hagofen and SA O’CH 272 says we can make kiddush on it. The question is, the the goy touching it will not asser it, why not? Originally, the issur was that it was sacrificed to a’z, so cooked wine+ was not chashuv to do it, but now the issur is intermarriage, so what is the difference? They say at the time of the chazal it was not prevalent, so they never assered it. Maybe Rashi’s view is that we make shehakol on it indicating that cooking destroys the flavor. According to this the same way as it was not sacrificed to the a’z because it was not considered worthy, similarly they did not drink together because it was not good enough to share with a goy.