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13 weeks is a quarter of the year
Many of these schools closed for what would be the final three months of the school year

Many of the Federal relief programs are likely to be extended
Some schools OOT may be able to reopen in late May or June depending on circumstances and the state governor’s directives

These are hard and trying times and all Americans suffer in different ways

My bank manager called me immediately when the PPP money became available and said as a preferred customer they had moved my firm’s name to the top of the list. I told him that we would not be taking these government funds and that they should be used for companies not in great financial shape with low income employees who need their paychecks and jobs.
It is a shame that banks played favorites with Federal aid and many businesses who did not truly need the money took it and small and newly established businesses who needed the aid didn’t even have their applications processed.

Here in CT law firms and accountants were on the list of ‘essential’ businesses allowed to operate. The CTL firm is operating remotely with our offices closed to the public. Only the one designated employee may enter the premises to access hard files.

Between keeping the firm operating, being in our town’s emergency management committee and trying to educate and raise all our grandchildren and grand nieces and nephews who have been in the compound since about the 10th of March I am busier than ever and look forward to a return to normalcy and a bit of a rest.