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2 of the 3 chazalin you mentioned are in my piece. I bavornad exactly what you were bringing up. The medresh, that notwithstanding, is saying otherwise. I am not saying it is easy or that i can easially do it. (Even though, I truly believe that I and many others have been in such a situation and at least recognized the truth) The etzem teich, as mentioned, is from Rav Dovid Soloveichik. Chazal are saying that they were guilty of not going to get advice from one onother. Dus heist, that someone who is doing the same aveira, can see the truth for another and tell him to do the right thing. At the same time, I am responsible to be mekabel the truth even from a hypocrite. . It is not supposed to be easy, a very high madreiga. But chazal, (according to Rav Dovid) are faulting them and the dor of Avimelech of just that. One may not like the pshat, there may be other ways to account for the lashon in chazal. I would be happy to hear an alternative. And this is by far , not the only case where are Kedoshim are held to a high standard. What it may mean for me is between me and my Rav,Mashpia…..

I do see that you disagree, but I have yet to hear a kashya that disproves what is a yesodesdica upteich of two Chazalin and mistameh the truth about human nature.