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@Milhouse My mistake in regard to yom hashoah. But we should be poresh min hatzibur?!?! Is the majority secular non shomer shabbos tzibur that instituted the specific day a tzibur we should be joining? And i would posit that there wasn’t nearly as much hisnagdus to yom hazikaron as yom hashoah because most chareidim understood that yom hazikaron was celebrating an army which institutes practices and espouses ideals antithetical to torah judaism and there wasn’t much need to counter it so heavily. Whereas yom hashoah was a day that any relative of a victim of the holocaust would logically want to observe but because of it being a zionist holiday and inevitably becoming a propaganda tool for zionism, in addition to tisha bav already being a more proper day (and possibly not wanting to mourn in nissan,) the rabbonim were against it.