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dear nomesora,
curious to know ur source for us being a shogeg.
not sure what u mean by take responsibility for themselves, asking a posek is way more responsible than making a nonfullyeducated decision on ur own.
)u were asking if its possible we are doing nothing even tho our poskim said its a minyan. i answered i dont know but even if yes, theres no risk involved. i still maintain that the motivation to do so is not because we have nothing to lose rather because we are losing out in tfilla btzibbur and trying this way at least has many gedolai achronim saying its good.
in other words i didnt understand what u were getting at by asking if its possible that klapay shmaya we are doing nothing while the rabanim say its something, you cant lose by doing what the torah tells u to do. a posek is someone who knows the torah, which is the will of Hashem, and tells you what the will of Hashem is in a given situation. dunno any sources but thats pretty logical, no?