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Reb Eliezer

שבת סג,ב

שמח בחור בילדותך, young man enjoy yourself in your youth, the Dubner Magid has a mashel on this. There was a poor man with only a back pack who was looking for a place to stay and get some food. Another man saw this. Wanting to have a little fun, tells the poor man, come this is my hotel stay here and eat to your hearts content. After a while the proprietor hands him a bill. The only thing he has is his back pack and he must give that up. Going outside saddened, he meets this joker who tells him, you got caught in my joke but now you might as well go back and eat and drink because you have nothing else to lose. This is the yetzer hara, first he tell him enjoy yourself and then he tells him ודע כי על כל אלה יביאך האלקים במשפט realize that for everything you did you will be judges, so you might as well continue doing what you were doing as there is no more help for you.