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Ubiquitin”And nonsense (eg wearing a mask makes you sick by “activating” the virus. What? How?)”

Very simple. You breathe in h20. You exhale co2. When you have your mask on all day as they “recommend”, you are breathing in your own carbon dioxide and any other bacteria that is piling up inside your mask. It’s one thing to wear a mask for short period of times. It’s another to wear one while excercising, jogging, or even just walking around all day.
Besides she isn’t the only doctor who brought this up.

Did you forget about the old fashioned remedy of just good old air when you are sick to freshen yourself up and kill germs? What happened to opening up the window every now and then or taking a walk for some fresh air? How do you do that when you are wearing your muzzle all day long? Isn’t that a bit counterintuitive? Yes muzzle. Look at how people look right now following orders all muzzled up. The “superiors” love this. Yet they themselves who declare all to wear a mask are too elite to wear one themselves. It’s only for the controlled common folk.

What happened to Fauci’s “do not wear masks! You are depleting the supply for the medical staff. Masks are only for those who are sick. If you aren’t sick DO NOT wear a mask it will not prevent you from getting sick it will not do anything”

Strange how we went from that to suddenly getting $1000 fines or subject to arrest if we don’t wear a mask. But keep being a sheep. Along with everyone else that’s why we are at this point.