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Dear Bsharg,
Ben may be right, but you are waaaay off. I am not sure why your post about liberal jews is allowed. Maybe for the sake of speech it could stay in this conversation.

Just to question if you or someone else made up this ‘list’. Liberals hate religion? Outlaw Freedoms? Fighting everywhere? Attack marriage? child bearing? Religion as opressive?

I doubt that any group of Jews is fully comfortable with the all the many concepts of the Torah. It takes a studious individual, years of study and theorizing before he can harmonize The Torah into a comprehensive outlook.

PS Ben was incorrect about at least one thing. I saw the original statement from BLM. They have nothing against BLM. Quite the opposite, though it is worded unobtrusively. The right wing journalists that work long days would have no understanding of what background support is needed for families. (Please remember that our nuclear family is still a lot stronger than the average american family.)