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Reb Eliezer,

Whoever wins on November 3rd does not change anything. It is all part of Hashem’s master plan for America and the World.

You yourself have referenced Rabbi Shafran’s open letter to the Jewish community – Sinai not Washington.

To remind you,
“When we vote, let us do so as Torah Jews, with deliberation and seriousness, not as part of any partisan bandwagon. We are not inherently Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals. We are Jews – in the voting booth no less than in our homes – who are committed, in the end, only to Torah.”

To co-opt a phrase of the Freiderker Lubavitcher Rebbe ” American iz nisht andersh”- America is not different (from Europe). ” After November 3rd is nisht andersh.

To those who think that they can decide for Hashem what his plan is, we do not have Neviim anymore. The Torah Codes are not nevuah. If they are, I would like to know the winning lotto numbers.