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Is it pronounced “nitch matcher”, “nish masher” or “neekh makher”?

A potential problem with the invention is that once you put randomilia away, you will eventually forget you had it, and then what good will it be if and when you need it. Stuff needs to be out and visible so that you’re constantly reminded of its in-between status so that when a doorknob falls off, for example, you think aha, that was what that long screw went to. But if you put it away in a storage device of whatever name, you’ll stand there with doorknob in hand with a vague feeling you almost have a solution to this critical conundrum, but it will forever be just out of reach. I would therefore suggest that the niche macher be transparent and/or open on all sides, unlike the file cabinet or shoe box “solutions” cluelessly suggested by others, preferably made to be situated in a prominent place in the home, so that you are constantly reminded of all the ambiguous stuff in life.