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putting words in my mouth I did not utter, again

I did not say I would not support the Yeshiva in Waterbury, I have written yearly checks since its inception. I said I would not send a boy to live in Waterbury, a city I consider and know to be filthy and dangerous.
I never mentioned politics in the 1960s. I said my family had been in business in Waterbury since 1958. My father opened his first store there in 1958 and eventually had 3. I owned and operated a garment factory there in the 80s and still own commercial property there.
Just last week I was there to appear in Family Court session of the Superior Court.

For 100 years Waterbury has been known for hills, mills and dirty necks….the mills closed down after the Arab Oil Embargo of the early 70s, but the hills and dirty necks remain. The local Jews abandoned Waterbury in white flight and the Yeshiva picked up their buildings for a song as well as a bargain political deal for the former UCONN Waterbury campus. Maybe to a Jew in Crown Heights or Bed Stuy Waterbury (the city, not the Yeshiva) isn’t that bad, but to suburbanites it is horrific.