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Avram in MD


“Avram, you are somewhat quick to dismiss avot and for hamidbar.”

No, I’m just careful to not misuse them.

“Most of the Torah is about them.”

The Torah is not merely a collection of nice stories with good morals. It is the blueprints of the human species given to us by our Creator, and our purpose is to learn from it how to live our lives.

“For some reason, Hashem gave us Torah, rather than handing us down a shulchan oruch, or Rambam to teymanim!”

Where do you think the Shulchan Aruch, et al. came from?

“It is not a dispute that davening in shul is preferable, but current circumstances added a twist, and outdoor minyanim served their role.”

And if you read the OP, you’ll see that it served (past tense) its role, but now despite there really being no need anymore (“It’s not because I need to social distance, I had the virus and had antibodies”), in the nice April air they “[did] not want to stop”. So you bringing Covid safety into this coversation is irrelevant. It’s no longer about Covid safety.

“the question when exactly to end them is transitory and not very important, I think.”

Why do you think you are qualified to determine what is or isn’t very important?