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@CTLAWYER-Point taken. It is then a testament to all the parents that “send” their children to learn in Waterbury (all boys in Waterbury are technically adults over 18 and make their own decisions as to where to learn). They choose a yeshiva based on one question “will my son be able to maximize his growth in this institution?”. They do not ask how many beer bottles are littering the streets half a mile away from the yeshiva.

This question of maximizing growth is answered by examining many different factors such as the Rebbe-talmid relationships, the philosophy of the yeshiva, the atmosphere in the BM and dorm, will they be happy there, what are his long-term trajectory if he attends this yeshiva etc. Kudos to all parents and sons that choose a yeshiva based on the boy and his potential for growth and not on petty factors such as cleanliness of the city where it is located. Even greater credit goes to those who choose a yeshiva based on growth potential and ignore questions such prestige, shiduch points, quality of the food, and “what will my neighbors say?”.

Granted safety is a factor but speak to any talmid of Waterbury past and present and see how many felt in danger. How many suburbanite families consider safety as a major factor when sending their children to learn in 770 or Gush Etzion?

Getting back to the suburban dream city in which you live, how is the crime and the filth in that city? Based on this link removed it looks like your city is considerably worse than Waterbury.