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“, Ner Israel never had college classes on campus. Never.”

“Never” is a bit strong, I took classes on campus (it was when the college had Winter break, as we had our own scheudl with semester going Sukos to Pesac, in order to finish on time.

Though, to be fair , while the hanala looked the other way, it was stressed that keeping it from the Rosh haYeshiva was a must.

A larger point that is being ignored is that Ner Yisroel has (had? ) an office with a guy whose job was to serve as a guidance counselor guiding with credits, classes etc etc. I dont think this exists in BMG.

UJM’s point “The general frum world (non-rabbis) generally referred to him during his lifetime as “Rabbi J.B. Soloveitchik”.” Is of course silly (As he knows)
Words, names chaneg all the time. in his life time, many talmidim referred to him as JB, it was a term of endearment. Today when said it is not. We all refer to Beloved Roshei Yeshiva as R’ Dovis, R’ Moshe R’ Aron, obviously we wouldnt refer to them in person that way. Just becasue a name is acceptable in one context (or era) does not mean that same name is ok in another.