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TS Baum

It is not like the “unicorn” is described by the goyim, rather a thing that they may be basing it off. But if it did exist, it is not around anymore.
Why can’t it be the tachash? It was colorfull with all the colors and the most beautiful animal. It also had one horn, but it was not a horse. And the goyim made up many details that are not true, but it is pretty much like the tachash. I don’t believe that the Tachash IS THE unicorn, but there could have been something like it.


There is a mysterious kind of a deer mentioned in the Torah called a “Yachmor – יחמור” (it is not a donkey, it’s a mysterious animal which some hold is a type of deer) Maybe this animal that your talking about is the Yachmor?