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Listened to it – he says that advocating the prohibition of abortion is the “pashut pshat”, that we should do. He then expresses another viewpoint, “one can make an argument” – without saying that he agrees with it at all – that there’s a danger of goyim going too far and prohibiting abortion when halacha would allow it, namely if a woman is suicidal where he deems it pikuach nefesh(venimuko imo, many hold that it is pikuach nefesh)
He ends it with saying clearly “Many people would say that’s wrong”

Tl/dr, you took that one line WAY out of context and your statement is motzi shem ra on rabbi breitowitz. He didn’t mean that we shouldn’t apply halacha in theory, but rather that we need to – in the argument he presents but DOES NOT necessarily agree with, worry about the secular law infringing on halacha.

Big difference.