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I am not here to convince you on overturning RvW.
You are entitled to your opinion. But you need to recognize that there are other opinions.

My goal is that you should open your eyes to the possible consequences of overturning RvW.

I read my post again and listened to Rabbi Breitowitz again.

Nowhere in my post did I suggest what Rabbi Breitowitz’s opinion is regarding overturning RvW. I have no idea where you got that idea from.
By the time I got to reading to the end of your posts , you put more words in my mouth and his that were never said.
Here are some examples.
You wrote, “He isn’t saying “don’t mix politics and halacha” in principle. He misspoke.”
I never said that and neither did he. In fact, he said the exact opposite. In his beautiful words he was saying that the Torah guides us in this area.

You wrote.” No rosh yeshiva advocates an ideology where torah is not complete primacy and that everything else is subservient to dvar Hashem zu halacha.”
Neither he nor I said not that way.

I completely stand by my understanding of Rabbi Breitowitz’s words and I personally hold him in very high regard. So please do not accuse me of being Motzi Shem Ra on him.
You wrote, “He ends it with saying clearly “Many people would say that’s wrong”.”

He ends it with saying clearly “The net result of all of this is that your halachik position does not automatically dictate your political position. But that is a bit of a subtlety and many people would say that’s wrong, but that is something to think about.”

There is such a view point and he explained very clearly the basis for such a view point.

The view that we need to worry about the secular law infringing on halacha is the exact view that you disagree with and that you hold is so wrong that you can’t stand than any Rav would even say such a view in a lecture. He explained clearly in the lecture that overturning RvW will cause that secular law will be infringing on Halacha. He gave an example. It is one in a million examples that he could have given.You don’t seem to be concerned with it. He is saying that there is a basis to be concerned with it.

Lchvod Hatan Haeloki Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.
The Gmara Shabbos 33B
They emerged from the cave, and saw people who were plowing and sowing. Rabbi Shimon bar Yoḥai said: These people abandon eternal life of Torah study and engage in temporal life for their own sustenance. The Gemara relates that every place that Rabbi Shimon and his son Rabbi Elazar directed their eyes was immediately burned. A Divine Voice emerged and said to them: Did you emerge from the cave in order to destroy My world? Return to your cave. They again went and sat there for twelve months. They said: The judgment of the wicked in Gehenna lasts for twelve months. Surely their sin was atoned in that time. A Divine Voice emerged and said to them: Emerge from your cave. They emerged. Everywhere that Rabbi Elazar would strike, Rabbi Shimon would heal.
Rabbi Yaakov Ruderman Zatsal asks. What happened in those 12 months that after they left the second time that Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai was no longer burning every place but was able to heal?
Rabbi Ruderman Zatsal answers that being able to countenance in other people what appears to you as if they are ‘abandoning eternal life’ is a very high madreigah. They only reached it after a 13th year in the cave.