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The greatest surge in NYC Jewish applications for a license has happened in the last few years. Dec 2019 was the Jersey city shooting the third attack on a Jewish institution in less than 6 months.
Then came BLM and the riots and curfews. Does anyone really think cameras or even the police force was a deterrent? In times of unrest the police force is not there for the individual. We have all seen that within the last few years. Look at the looting of stores that still happens on a daily basis.
Just bc the goyish culture has become so messed up that they can do this to each other, do we want to give up our right of defense for the sake of feeling that we are doing something?
I am not saying everyone should have a gun. I am saying that the Jewish need of defense outweighs what essentially boils down to feel good proposals. Proposals that stand no chance of working without draconian government intervention.
איזהו החכם הרואה את הנולד
Perhaps if the founding fathers knew how screwed up we would get they would have ditched the second amendment. Or perhaps they would have just given up on the revolution idea and stayed vassals of a more mature British society.