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I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with @UJM


I thought I was clear that my comment about the use of an automatic weapon implies that it’s a situation that an individual can reasonable expect to encounter. Such a situation simply doesn’t exist in the US. So you’re example of a wild gun-wielding mob is simply ridiculous and doesn’t answer the question.

Regarding “stopping the Holocaust” I also thought I was clear in my comments about a revolution in the US. Namely, that not only will guns be ineffective against a military armed with attack planes and nuclear weapons, but also that guns present a very real danger today which you’re weighing against a potential unlikely danger in the future.

Again, the US ranks exceedingly high in terms of violent crime related deaths per 1000 people. Gun violence being one of the leading causes of violent crime-related death. It’s more likely for someone in the US to die of a gunshot than someone in Ukraine. If the violent death rate were only slightly below countries like UK and Japan, I would agree with you that you can’t compare. But the fact that gun violence is so bad in the US compared to every other country with similar socio-economic makeups, you have to find the one factor that’s so different than other countries. What do you think that factor is?

If we ban certain guns and confiscate said guns there will be less guns. Period. People won’t be able to sneak them across the border in nearly the quantity needed to make them as readily available as they are now. There are right now more civilian owned guns in the US than people. It’s relatively easy for criminals to get their hands on one or two. If there were one one hundredth as many guns, it would be much more difficult for criminals to commit gun crimes.

In 1994, a Chabad Mitzvah Tank was shot up by a machine pistol on the Brooklyn Bridge and a bachur, Ari Halberstam, was murdered. In response, the government put much stricter restrictions on automatic machine pistol sales and use which caused their use in crimes to drop dramatically.

You understand that smoking is dangerous and the benefits to nutrition and digestion are negligible compared to the very real dangers of lung cancer and emphysema. That’s because you live in 2022 and not 1922. Hopefully one day people and people like you will also realize that guns are dangerous and the benefits of personal safety and hunting are negligible compared to the very real dangers of gun violence. And someday soon guns will be looked at like cigarettes’ are: a danger to one’s self and to those around them.