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Gefiltefish, mentsch1 etc: The most infamous heter mea rabanim is the one issued to Meir Kin who got around the condition of requiring a get to be deposited with a beis din, by having a non-conventional beis din collude with him in his scheme to be מעגן his first wife while allowing himself to marry a second wife. This beis din, never actually makes the get available for pickup by the first wife using a variety of tactics.

The current fragmented state of our communities where there is no centralized beis din and each person can claim that he left a get with a beis din that he found for his agenda, means that get refusal has now become a win-lose situation for the husband. CRG was meant to keep it a lose-lose proposition.

The sudden obsession with CRG and HMR is not about debating the finer points of Halacha. It’s about wickedness and evil dressed up as an innocent discussion.

For more information about how this has unfortunately become prevalent http://www.

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