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I’d say that the frum vote made a difference in these races.

DO NOT listen to any rebbes, pundits, askanim, partisan hacks who claim that we made a mistake in endorsing Zeldin. Zeldin did better than any other Republican running for governor in NYS in a while. We do what is right, not what is expedient. I am proud of so many in our community for doing the right thing in endorsing Zeldin; there are not enough of us, though, to offset the influence of liberal voters, from the blacks, Moslems, unions, hipsters, and liberal Jews.

We got rid of Maloney in NY 17. Malliotakis crushed little max rose. A shul I am part of was vandalized in October 2020 in an antisemitic attack by a Muslim, and he came the shabbos after, and he basically campaigned rather than offered divrei nechama. He’s a rasha.

Long Island congressional seats largely flipped Republican. In central NJ, they sent Malinowski packing. I believe the influx of frum Jews into south Florida, Hollywood, Miami, and surrounding areas resulted in the state turning out so forcibly for Rubio and DeSantis; those Miami Dade area counties flipped red.

Pennsylvania was a big disappointment, but there aren’t any really significant frum communities there. The mainline community in Bala Cynwyd area is small, and not so impactful. Neither in Pittsburgh. I do think Mastriano was a poor choice of candidate, and his close ties to JFJ missionary types was off-putting. However, Shapiro is a bizayon; he falsely claims to be an observant Jew, and this is a ziyuf hatorah. Dr. Oz was also a poor choice; McCormick lost by only 1000 votes in a contentious primary. I think Trump needs to retire from politics; he’s got the opposite of a Midas touch in swing states. Whoever he associates with loses in such states, as the Trump persona and brand is seem negatively by undecideds and people without any conviction.

I predicted that Republicans would flip the House, which seems likely, that Zeldin would lose but that it would be closer than years past, and that the Senate would be a tossup. I am disappointed by the loss in PA, although it seems that will be offset by a win in NV. This comes down to Georgia, and sadly, Walker failed to garner the same support that Gov. Kemp garnered and that frightens me. I hope Kemp hits the campaign trail hard for Walker and Trump stays away.

At least Stacey Abrams and Beto O’Rourke will fade into oblivion, along with 3 time loser Charlie Crist.

Another point lost on many is that the Republican party continues to diversify in terms of candidates, which the media will not report.

Candidates such as Joe Pinion, Darius Mayfield, Billy Prempeh, Yesli Vega, Mayra Flores, Allen Fung, Hung Cao, Anna Paulina Luna, Monica De La Cruz, LaRon Singletary, Vernon Jones, John James, Kathy Barnette, Jennifer Ruth Green, and others you likely don’t know of made a good showing. Dr. Oz was the first Muslim to ever end up on a ballot for US Senate. While I do no endorse toeiva, Zeldin had a lesbian running mate and George Santos won his congressional seat on Long Island. We’re living in interesting times.