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The lynching of a Jew in Acre: ten years in prison for a resident of the city of Adham Bashir

During the Guardian of the Walls operation, Mor Janashvili was attacked while in his car – Bashir was convicted of a terrorist act of aggravated sabotage – Janashvili: “a proper and strengthening decision”

Michel Makoul, 11/28/2022, Israel Hayom.

Attacked and stoned: the court sentenced Adham Bashir, who carried out the lynching in Acre against Mor Janashvili. The severe incident, which occurred during Operation Guardian of the Walls in May of last year, caused Janashvili serious injuries. He lost consciousness and was brought to the hospital while moderately injured, where he was hospitalized for a considerable period of time and even required prolonged rehabilitation.

Bashir was convicted of a terrorist act of aggravated malicious wounding, after he threw a stone at Janashvili’s car and hit the back of his car. Bashir used these to break the window of the vehicle, and all from a nationalist-ideological motive.

The prosecutor’s office asked the judges to sentence Bashir to between ten and 13 years in prison. On the other hand, Bashir’s attorney asked for a prison sentence of between one and four years in practice. Today (Monday), as mentioned, the court determined that the punishment will be ten years.
Judges Galit Ziegler and Shmuel Mandelbaum and head of the panel of judges Yehiel Lifshitz read from the verdict: “The incident before him is nothing more than a lynching, during which Mor was severely and brutally attacked, and it is one of the most strikingly bad of the events of the Guardian of the walls. Mor’s whole “sin” was the fact that he was Jewish, and he was fortunate in that who arrived at his mother’s house precisely on that terrible day. No one should be attacked in his country, and the things are true and doubly serious when the reason for that wild attack is the religious-national identity of the attacked. This is an ugly and dark attack, which requires significant punishment.”

In his decision, the head of the group referred to Mor’s physical and mental condition: “Mor was severely injured in all parts of his body and his condition was defined as moderate. He underwent a lengthy rehabilitation procedure, a large part of which was hospitalized, and had to use a wheelchair for several months, and even today he needed continued treatment and monitoring. Another real injury was on the mental, occupational and social levels.”

“Precedent punishment”

“A worthy and strengthening decision,” Janashvili said when the verdict was read, “Today I know that the people of Israel are with me.”
“The court set a precedent sentence,” said attorney Ohad Cohen from the North Prosecutor’s Office. “They accepted our claims in full. Those who attack on a racist background and race of origin are expected to spend many years in prison.”

Matan Peleg, chairman of the ImTirzu [If You Will] movement, which accompanied Janashvili in court hearings, responded: “Until terrorists receive life imprisonment without the possibility of amnesty, they will not be deterred.” A reality in which the lynching terrorist will be released from prison in another seven years is intolerable. We will continue to accompany the victims of terrorism, and make sure that there is a revolution in punishment and deterrence.”
As recalled, there are other defendants in the case: Kusai [Qusay] Abbas, who is accused of a terrorist act of attempted murder in a case that is still ongoing, as well as Bilal Hilwani, who received a year in prison for rioting.