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“So if that is true, then other pashtanim are not allowed to be studied?”

No. nobody suggested that. Drash is great, so is remez. by all means go for it.

Just don’t confuse Derash with PEshat.
The argument is that Rashi IS peshat. Rashbam, Kli Yakar , Seforno, Rabbi Frand on the Parsha all great! but don’t call them Peshat

“Did you read the kol korei??”
I did, I don’t think you did.
do you think the signatories haven’t seen a mikraos gedolos chumash, and aren’t aware that there are other pirushim available? do you think they meant they should all be thrown out.

Its one thing to think they are wrong, it is quite another to think they are stupid.

They are aware that there are chumashim out there with non-Rashi explanations , they are aware that Rishonim give different explantions than Rashi at times
The Kol Koreh is against bringing other perushim, keneged Rashi AS PESHAT

hope that helps