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“I’m not getting your differentiation.”

i’m not sure what you mean by “differentiation”
all I am saying is before commenting on something (especially before arguing with it “This ban is honestly ridiculous”) it is important to understand it

jackk quoted from the kol koreh:

“And their intention is clear with the aim of replacing Rashi’s interpretation – which has always been the foundation of education and Judaism , and especially for the young people of the flock”
(I believe this is his translation but I read the original, and it is a fair translation.)

What the Kol Koreh protests is “replacing Rashi’s interpretation” – particularly as peshat. NOT using other interpretations. Of course there are other Rishonim that offer different peshatim not to mention different levels of interpretation. The kol koreh says those haven’t been accepted by “our mesora” as the way to learn chumashi
Thus it is insulting to say “Rabbeinu bachya writes… Ibn ezra writes… . Ramban in last weeks parsha says …. Seforno says… Daas zekeinim mebaalei hatosfos write…”
Yes they know* they maintain that Rashi IS PESHAT and no other Rishon/pirush should supersede that as peshat

Not that it shouldn’t be learnt** rather it shouldn’t be viewed as peshat. thus saying “So if that is true, then other pashtanim are not allowed to be studied?” Shows a progound lack of understanding of the issue at hand.
OF course they can be learnt but not as peshat .
Yes one hundred percent if you were to start a cheder and suggest teaching children chumash with Rambn/Ibn Ezra/ Rashbam etc instead of Rashi. Yes absolutly they would oppose that .
That is not the same as saying “other pashtanim are not allowed to be studied”

You say “Rashi’s intention does not seem to have been pshat”

B’seder so you disagree with the kol koreh (I do too) and say Rashi isnt really peshat. don’t worry Rishonim say this too.
but understand the position before you disagree wit hit

* I ask you do you really think they don’t know.? They never realized that Rishonim wrote differently than Rashi? That chumashim are available with other Rishonim?

** They also mention that there are some misinterpreations of rishonim, but that is debatable, and ok so correct them