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“People tend to forget that the doctrine of territories for peace was used by [Adolph] Hitler in [year] 1939, when he declared that he would leave Europe in peace if territories in Poland that Germany lost in World War I were ceded to Germany.”

SOURCE: Moshe Arens, former Member of Knesset and Israeli Minister of Defense, HaAretz, 2004/1/22

Retired Lt General Tom Kelly
(Chief of Operations of the 1991 Gulf War) said:

“I cannot defend this land [Israel] without that terrain [the West Bank]…

Without the West Bank, Israel is only 8 miles wide at its narrowest point. That makes it indefensible.”

SOURCE: The Jewish Connection Magazine, 2012 January 6 edition, page 14, article titled: The 2012 Arab Street Driven Security Requirements written by retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger

“J-Street and Peace Now and practically the entire Democratic Party and all of Western Europe take it as axiomatic that a new State of Palestine would bring peace.

Voices who point out that Israeli concessions in the past to Palestinians has brought less, not more, peace have been drowned out.”

SOURCE: Large majority of Palestinians say the conflict should continue even AFTER they get a state
elderofziyon on blogspot dot com 2019/09

Abdul Hameed al Ghabin [Saudi writer and political analyst] said:

“How can we achieve peace if the Palestinian people remain without a place to call home?
The answer is simple:

Jordan is already 78% of historical Palestine. Jordanians of Palestinian origin constitute more than 80% of the population according to U.S. intelligence cables leaked in 2010. Jordan is essentially already the Palestinian Arab state.

The only problem is, the King of Jordan refuses to acknowledge this.”

SOURCE: A new Saudi perspective for peace by Abdul Hameed al Ghabin, 2019/8/21
JNS dot org

Jonathan S. Tobin said:

“As our Evelyn Gordon wrote in a prescient COMMENTARY [magazine] article published in January 2010, by signaling its willingness to withdraw from some territory, the Israelis did not convince anyone of their good intentions.

To the contrary, such concessions reinforced the conviction that Israel was a thief in possession of stolen property.

The reaction from the Palestinians and hostile Europeans was not gratitude for the generosity of the Israelis in giving up land to which they too had a claim, but a demand that it be forced to give up even more.

Land-for-peace schemes and a belief in two states on the part of Israelis has always led most Palestinians to believe that their goal of forcing the Jews out of the entire country was more realistic, not less so.”

SOURCE: article titled: Israeli Peace Gestures Not Only Don’t Work. They Make Things Worse by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2015 March 31, Commentary Magazine

Sarah N. Stern said:

“Like many Jewish organizations, J Street is seduced by lofty slogans like ‘pro-Israel/pro-peace’. These words are intended to give the impression that all that Israel has to do is immediately withdraw from the territories, and then peace would ultimately break out.

This ignores the empirical evidence of what happened after the withdrawal from southern Lebanon in May of 2000, giving Hezbollah and their 150,000 missiles easy striking distance to Israel.

It also ignores the internally gut-wrenching Gaza withdrawal of 2005, where the land has been used to launch thousands of rockets [more than 10,000 rockets] and incendiary devices launched from kites and balloons, making life for those on Gaza’s neighboring communities a living hell and destroying thousands of acres of Israel’s agricultural land.”

SOURCE: Notes on the J Street conference by Sarah N. Stern (President of the Endowment for Middle East Truth), 2019/10/31, from JNS dot org