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Sam Klein

Beautiful message above

In relation to your message above there’s a secret message from Hashem relating to tzaddikim of every generation

How is it possible for Tzaddikim to manage to live on only 4 hours of sleep a day? It should be vice versa, they need more sleep then a regular person,-due to age & how busy they are from meeting people & traveling all over the world speaking & going to Simchas etc…-the Message From Hashem is, that Hashem created each day with 24 hours & divided it up into 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work & then the remaining 8 hours for family time & chores BUT if you can show Hashem that you can spend your time wisely-& fill it with Ruchnius (spirituality) like Tzaddikim-without the need of work , then Hashem will not need to fill your day with chores, hard work & 8 full hours of sleep. These Tzaddikim/Leaders-that are sent to guide us in every generation-wake up every morning with full strength, ready to learn & serve Hashem although they only slept a few hours. Dovid Hamelech woke up every morning at midnight & sang praises to Hashem without stopping until Sunrise.