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CS: Apparently you’re ignorant of the very early disagreement between the Alter Rebbe and his peers on the meaning of צדיק באמונתו יחי׳ה.

He held that every chossid could do the work applying the tools given by The Rebbe, and they held that you had to keep up your inspiration by regular visits to the Rebbe to sustain it- ie the life comes from the Rebbe in a makkif way.<em/>

(I know I shouldn’t be so proud, but I am because I knew צדיק באמונתו יהיה was coming.)

Pray tell, what did his peers (I’m astounded that you consider any of the other talmidei Hamaggid his ‘peers’!) believe? Could it possibly be that a person can do what they want, not daven, not learn, not do anything else you have to do, and still find salvation? Isn’t that a new testament piece of garbage?

I know that Lubavich has always claimed that this was a key difference, but I have never heard any non-Lubavich source mention this. (I should be used to that by now.)

Can you give me a non-Lubavich source that tells us exactly in what way the Baal Hatanya’s colleagues differed to him regarding this passuk?