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“Someone who kills someone I would probably get far away from him. But why did he kill someone? Because of lashon hara and motzi shem ra.”

Or maybe because he’s a rasha? Lots of things make someone a rasha.

“Why is someone who kills someone so bad? I go with torah not logic,”

That you’re not going with logic is clearly on display, but chas veshalom to say you’re going with “Torah.”

Murder is one of the 3 chamuros that are yehereg velo yaavor. Lashon hora is not. Chazal say that a few things are “keilu” murder, same way they compare other aveiros to AZ or giluy arayos, as comparisons to show you how big the other, seemingly smaller sins are(like anger, etc..)

Yiddishe life is the most precious thing to Hashem. Risking it or chas veshalom taking it by will is an egregious sin against the person’s Creator. This is both Torah and logic.

“Anyway see Tanya Derek 24-25 every avaira is AZ.”

This is why you need a strong background in basic Torah before learning chasidus or “chasidis.” Every averah contains an element of AZ, namely that the sinner shows at that moment that he’s not listening to Hashem, who is right there while he’s sinning and constantly keeping him in existence while doing so.

But he obviously doesn’t mean that it’s exactly the same as AZ, because then every averah would be yereg velo yaavor and chayav misas beis din. any sinner would make wine treif etc…

You’re mixing up a dakusdike mussar/chasidus idea with basic hashkofa.