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There are several letters that Chofetz Chaim published after an earthquake in EY in 1927. He mentions several other devastating events that happened shortly before, including flooding of Mississippi and then he enumerates aveiros that lead to that and that Klal Isroel should try to correct… a perfect setup to mention sins of Zionists and violations of Oaths. And he is not being shy in these letters – he calls on people to send kids to kosher schools, naming the opposite ones – yiddishistes, culturual schools, (Zionist affiliated?) Tarbut, Polish gymnasia, blaming them for anti-religious propaganda, including telling “Jewish” stories that excluded Torah contents; and Polish schools for leading to shabbos violations. What he does NOT mention in his criticism, as far as I can see – any sins by Zionists in EY, any mention of calls for Aliya in Poland, and, for that matter, any studies of math & science.