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Anon, you seemed to not have even bothered to check up the Gemara even though I gave you the exact מראה מקום. Also, you don’t seem to know the language. Go and check every single time the Gemara uses the term מסתברא. It means that it makes sense to accept this opinion, and that’s the מסקנא in every case

Here is the the words of the Gemara:
תניא, אמר רבי יהושע בן קרחה: מלאכי זה עזרא, וחכמים אומרים: מלאכי שמו. אמר רב נחמן: מסתברא כמאן דאמר מלאכי זה עזרא, דכתיב בנביאות מלאכי: ״בגדה יהודה ותועבה נעשתה בישראל ובירושלם כי חלל יהודה קדש ה׳ אשר אהב ובעל בת אל נכר״.

Rebbi Yehoshua ben Karcha holds that it is Ezra. This is a Tanna, not no-one. The Chachamim argue. Rav Nachman says that logically it is indeed Ezra. That’s the Sugya, whether or not you happen to like Rebbi Yehoshua ben Karcha or Rav Nachman.

This has nothing to do with your comparison of Galus to Geula. This is a response to you saying the that there is no such thing.

Avira answered you correctly about that, so there’s no need to repeat it.

What I would add is that those who stayed behind did not do so because of a Mesora. They did so because they wanted to. It does not say that they didn’t believe him. Daniel didn’t know the true end — until it was revealed. By the time the true 70 years was up it was as obvious as simply quoting previous Neviim.